Herbal Remedies for Fibromyalgia


What are some herbal remedies to help fibromyalgia pain?

In the case of fibromyalgia it has been mentioned that there is no known cure at this moment.  Some medications have been mentioned but they will only help to solve the pain of the disorder rather than actually cure it and once the medication wears off another pill will be required.  So the benefits of either prescribed or over the counter pills are in fact short lived.  We can try to help ourselves with diet and exercise combinations along with massages and even acupuncture and all of these remedies will help the body become stronger but pain medications just seem to be covering up an issue rather than dealing with it.

What if we turned our thoughts towards herbal medications?  Could there be a light at the end of the tunnel a positive light towards helping the areas of the body that are crying out for some kind of fixing treatment?  There are indeed fibromyalgia herbs and combinations of these herbs can prove to be extremely beneficial and effective.  It is important to know that herbal remedies are not FDA approved and some manufacturers will describe what the contents are only to be found out that this is not the case in some circumstances.  Be very careful who you purchase from!  As well as this, it is important to let your doctor know of what your intentions are as some herbal meds could cause reactions with any other kinds of medications that you may be required to take.  Remember also that for some people with fibromyalgia taking herbal remedies may just not work for them and their particular metabolism due to the disorder.  Also it is only recommended that when taking herbal remedies they should not be taken for long periods of time.  Again this is down to the not knowing issue due to non FDA approval.  For some herbal remedies like chamomile and lavender they can be taken long term as they are deemed as fairly mild, milk thistle also.  St. John’s Wort which can be taken in cases of mild depression should not be taken long term and should most definitely not be taken in conjunction with any other prescribed anti-depressant.  http://www.fibromyalgiahope.com is a great link detailing a number of different herbs which can (or should not)  be used in order to create soothing effects for those suffering with this disorder.

Fibromyalgia diet is a great way to help reduce some of the worse pain…

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